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BMGEO — construction online exhibition

Информация о выставке

BMGEO - international online exhibition of construction technologies, equipment, and materials


International construction online exhibition 'BMGEO' (Build Mix Global Exhibition Online) is a professional platform is intended to promote building and construction technologies, equipment and materials, share knowledge and experience of their application in various areas of the construction sector, and build new economic ties. The online exhibition will include construction materials, water supply systems, gas supply systems, heat supply systems, building and finishing materials, construction tools, power tools, construction machinery and equipment, ventilation systems, swimming pools, landscape structures, facilities and systems of access control, construction services and other information. Manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and tools, construction machinery, equipment and services are presented in online mode, making it available regardless of time and location.

Информация посетителям
The advantages of visiting the online exhibition 'BMGEO':

 ● visit to the profile international exhibition;
● all of the information is available 365/7/24, making it possible to visit the exhibition at a convenient time and regardless of your location;
● the possibility of direct communication with manufacturers and suppliers of construction technologies, construction equipment, machinery and materials;
● the opportunity to participate in thematic webinars with prior registration;
● direct detailed access to information Members - manufacturers and suppliers, for goods and services, new technological developments, new products, thematic publications;
● the possibility ofexchange of messages and business cards with Participants;
● the possibility of to discover, explore, compare and analyze information about products and services offered by Exhibitors that will help to make a better choice while ordering goods or services;
● the possibility of direct access directly to manufacturers or authorized regional distributors;
● the option to subscribe to the news will help to be updated on the latest news of Expo-Online.Center, online exhibitions and Members;
● free access to all functional possibilities after registration, including the discount program that gives the opportunity to buy goods on preferential terms.
Информация участникам
The advantages of participation in the online exhibition 'BMGEO':
● participation in the international building and construction industry exhibition;
● participant information is available in the 365/7/24 mode;
● direct communication with potential customers;
● conducting webinars in a convenient for you mode and at affordable prices;
● presentation of technological developments to a wide range of professionals;
● participation in the online exhibition - an excellent PR-motive;
● exclusive virtual 3D stand, it will favorably emphasize the corporate style of the company;
● demonstration of goods and services in the most detailed form;
● exchange of business cards and messages with potential customers;
● wide opportunities to promote the company, products and services (a set of functions for search promotion, integration with social networks, preparation and placement of press releases and articles with content that details your company's work, its goals and proposals for potential customers with the ability to publish in the media and on information portals);
● the possibility of assessing competitiveness compared to other exhibitors;
● the real diploma of the Participant of the international online exhibition;
● affordable participation cost.
Информация партнерам

We also welcome public and professional organizations, the media and specialized publications, business corporations who want to become sponsors of the exhibition and take advantage of additional opportunities for advancement.

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