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We also welcome public and professional organizations, the media and specialized publications, business corporations who want to become sponsors of the exhibition and take advantage of additional opportunities for advancement.

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03 January 2017  | 

The international online exhibition of marketing and advertising 'MMGEO' invites to participate representatives of the marketing and advertising business, manufacturers of advertising and promotional materials.


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The exhibition stand company ITV exhibition Securex-2016

07 May 2016  | 

Company 'Glowing stands' was made glowing stand, individual equipment by order of the ITV, to participate in the exhibition 'Securex-2016' in Poland.


EXPO LINE - takes part in the virtual exhibition MMGEO

01 April 2017  | EXPO LINE SC

The company 'EXPO LINE' (Kyiv, Ukraine) became a participant of the exhibition 'MMGEO' - a virtual online exhibition of modern marketing and advertising technologies.


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Sound autoinformers to increase sales in supermarkets

26 February 2018  | Promochip™
Electronic sound and video autoinformers allow to attract more attention of potential buyers to goods and services in sales outlets of supermarket shopping centers, salons, shops.

Exhibition stands - advantages of working with professionals!

24 March 2017  | EXPO LINE SC

Participants increasingly see competition between exhibitors. To break away from competitors at the exhibition, the participants are committed through the creative approach in the design of the exhibition.


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