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Music module Promochip-65

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The musical universal module Promochip-65 for single recording of a musical fragment lasting up to 60 seconds. The module is used for making music cards, musical invitation cards or musical business cards. The module is recorded using a special programmer. Activation of the module is carried out using the reed mechanism, when the card is opened, the contact closes and the melody plays out, when the card is closed, the contact opens and the sound stops.


On one music module, within 60 seconds, you can record one or several musical excerpts, with arbitrary or sequential playback.




● Module power: 4.5V (3 batteries type L1131), batteries included. Battery life: up to 100 full tracks of a music fragment lasting 60 seconds.


● The module has a self-adhesive base with a protective layer, which is removed when glued to the surface.


● In addition to the module, you can connect LEDs that can flash or continuously shine while playing a melody


● Overall dimensions of the module, mm: 100 x 40 x 5. The size of the speaker, mm: 40 x 40 x 5. The size of the control board, mm: 26 x 40 x 5.


● The cost depends on the quantity and is available upon request.


The company 'Promochip' is the supplier of music modules, sound modules, voice modules, video modules for the production of such products as: music cards, talking cards, postcards with sound and light effects, gift wrapping with music, souvenir products with musical effects, toys with musical effects , information stands videobooks, video books, voice modules for automation systems, security and fire alarm systems, voice information systems for transport, elevators, etc. The range of the company includes: music chips, music modules, sound chips, sound modules, voice chips, voice modules, video modules, modules for videobooks, modules with light effects. The company's priority is wholesale supplies, but in the presence of a warehouse, electronic components can be purchased and retailed. Also, the company 'Promochip' offers the production of music cards, videobooks and video books.
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