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The company 'Promochip' is the supplier of music modules, sound modules, voice modules, video modules for the production of such products as: music cards, talking cards, postcards with sound and light effects, gift wrapping with music, souvenir products with musical effects, toys with musical effects , information stands videobooks, video books, voice modules for automation systems, security and fire alarm systems, voice information systems for transport, elevators, etc. The range of the company includes: music chips, music modules, sound chips, sound modules, voice chips, voice modules, video modules, modules for videobooks, modules with light effects. The company's priority is wholesale supplies, but in the presence of a warehouse, electronic components can be purchased and retailed. Also, the company 'Promochip' offers the production of music cards, videobooks and video books.
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Music module Promochip-W80L

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Module for music cards

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