Представитель Участника:

Gurin  Bogdan

Deputy Director

Коментарий в избранное:

Berezanskiy plant of building materials LLC - producer of mineral fertilizer "Prime-Eco" ™ (TU-U20.1-35089559-001: 2016). Fertilizer of vegetable origin "Prime-Eco" ™ is an environmentally friendly, complex, highly effective fertilizer of a new generation, with no expiration date. The enterprise "Berezanskiy plant of building materials" offers products of high quality at the price of "producer", as well as the shortest terms of production and delivery of its products throughout Ukraine. We invite to cooperation all those interested in buying our products.

  • Адрес: Mayakovsky Str. 12-B
  • Город: Berezan
  • Страна: Ukraine
  • Веб-сайт:
  • Телефон: +380447665625
  • Мобильный: +380673536302
  • Направления деятельности по КВЭД: (20.15) Manufacture of fertilisers and nitrogen compounds
  • Классификация товаров и услуг: Fertilizers and agrochemistry