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Organic fertilizer Prime-Eco

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'Prime-Eco' is a highly effective organic fertilizer of a new generation, manufactured by the 'Berezansky Building Materials Plant' LLC according to TU-U20.1-35089559-001: 2016. The effectiveness of organic fertilizer 'Prime-Eco' is confirmed by laboratory testing, as well as real results.
Fertilizer in its composition contains potassium (15-35%), phosphorus (3-5%) and other chemical elements that are required for fertilizing crops. The use of organic fertilizer 'Prime-Eco' will allow:
- increase the yield;
- increase the resistance of plants to extreme weather conditions;
- to increase the resistance of plants to various diseases.
Organic fertilizer 'Prime-Eco' is environmentally friendly, has a beneficial effect both on the plant and on the soil. Can be applied on any soil, for any agricultural plants, including in horticulture.

'Prime-Eсo'™ - organic and environmentally friendly fertilizers of a new generation, which were developed and serially produced by the enterprise LLC 'Berezan Building Materials Plant' (Berezan, Kyiv region, Ukraine). Fertilizer 'Prime-Eсo'™ has a unique formula and contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium and other microelements necessary for plant nutrition. The effectiveness of 'Prime-Eсo'™ fertilizers is confirmed by laboratory research, as well as by real results, as a result of which the 'Prime-Eсo' trademark has become a reliable partner for many agrarian firms throughout Ukraine. Fertilizers of vegetable origin 'Prime-Eсo' are produced by LLC 'Berezanskiy plant of building materials' in accordance with production standards and are ecologically clean, complex, highly effective fertilizers of new generation.

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