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AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — agroindustrial online exhibition

Information about Exhibition

AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — an international online exhibition of agricultural technologies, agriculturalmachinery, equipment, fertilizers and products for plants care

An international agroindustrial online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — is a professional b2b-platform, which is designed to promote new technologies and equipment and exchange of knowledge and experience in their application in different areas of the agricultural sector, the establishment of new economic relations. The online exhibition provides the demonstration of new agricultural technologies, modern and effective equipment, new agricultural machinery, spare parts, fertilizers and plant protection products, technologies and equipment for crop, livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Information from the Exhibitors - manufacturers and suppliers, as well as other important people in the agricultural market is represented online, that makes it available regardless of time and location.


agroindustrial exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE is an effective instrument to promote new agricultural technologies, and all that is currently in demand and needed for effective management and developing of agriculture. On the exhibition pages are:


● new in agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, seeders, spreaders of mineral and organic fertilizers, sprayers, agricultural shredders, harvesters, equipment for potato farming, machinery for haying, transporting the harvest, tillage equipment, stockbreeding, telescopic handlers, boilers, etc.) and everything necessary for maintenance of acquired technology - from spare parts to the variations of selecting the required service;


● technologies and irrigation systems of the soil, water and water distribution systems, drip irrigation systems, control systems and automatic control of irrigation, fertigation devices, systems for monitoring the environment, as plants and microclimate control system;


● equipment for preparing seeds for sowing, equipment for grain and equipment for post-harvest handling, drying and separation of grain, bucket elevators, equipment calibration and weighing, solutions, technologies and equipment for grain storage;


● production technologiesenvironmentally clean agricultural products;


● technologies and equipment for growing and keeping farm of birds and animals;


● aquaculture: technologies and equipment for breeding of fish and crawfish;


● the production technologyof seeds, seeds for growing crops, horticulture;


● mineral and organic chelated fertilizers, stimulants and plant growth regulators, pesticides;


● biotechnology and recycling in agriculture;


● technologies and equipment for wastewater treatment;


● technologies for agricultural construction;


● laboratories, measurement, laboratory and analytical equipment for agriculture;


● veterinary products, tools and equipment;


● technologies and equipment for the production of nutriment;


● nutriments, animal feed and feed concentrates, premixes for farm birds and animals;


● computer systems and software for agriculture, including the 'Precision Agriculture': satellite monitoring of agricultural lands, fields and electronic maps, software to work with them, navigation systems for agricultural machinery, equipment monitoring system;


● alternative energy sources for agriculture;


● agricultural science and education.



The agro online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE is presented with information, including the following areas of agricultural sector:


● effective irrigation of agricultural soils;


● development of alternative systems and logistics enhance the efficiency of existing logistics systems;


● implementation and development of technologies of organic waste;


● production of agricultural products with high added value;


● development of breeding and seed crops;


● production of alternative fuels with biotechnologies;


● development of agricultural engineering;


● improving the efficiency of recycling, transportation, loading, packing and storing of agricultural products;

● increasing crop productivity and animal productivity;

● optimization of the use of agrochemicals, to reduce the harmful effects on environment;


● development of aquaculture;


● implementation and development of precision farming technologies and agro climate.


AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — is a international agroindustrial online-exhibition for professionals

Visitors and Exhibitors have the opportunity, regardless of location, to communicate with participants during the online-exhibition themed webinars, using communication platform features that can help you get operative advice and answers to interesting questions, to exchange contacts for future cooperation.


The use of modern agricultural technologies, the use of effective equipment and agricultural machinery offered within the agro online-exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE, will allow farmers around the world to increase the efficiency of agriculture and, as a result, increase yields and productivity of animals and birds, reducing of consumption of natural resources and energy, increase profitability by maintaining agricultural activity.


You are welcome to the online exhibition and can register as a Exhibitor or Visitor.


Information for Visitors

The benefits of visiting the agroindustrial online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE:


● participation in the industrial international exhibition;


● all of the information is available 365/7/24, making it possible to visit the exhibition at a convenient time and regardless of your location;


● the possibility of direct communication and operational feedback from manufacturers and suppliers of technology, equipment, machinery, tools for agriculture;


● the opportunity to participate in thematic webinars with prior registration;


● Direct detailed access to information Members - manufacturers and suppliers, for goods and services, new technological developments, new products, thematic publications;


● the possibility ofexchange of messages and business cards with participants;


● the possibility of to discover, explore, compare and analyze information about products and services offered by Exhibitors that will help to make a better choice while ordering goods or services;


● the possibility of direct access directly to manufacturers or authorized regional distributors;


● the option to subscribe to the news will help to be updated on the latest news of portal Expo-Online.Center, online-exhibitions and Members;


● free access to all functional possibilities after registration, including the discount program that gives the opportunity to buy goods on preferential terms.


Information for Exhibitors

Benefits of participation in agroindustrial online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE:


● participation in the industrial international online exhibition;


● Information about the company with access mode 365/7/24;


● direct communication and operative feedback from potential customers;


● conducting webinars at your convenience mode for affordable prices;


● presentation of technological development for a wide range of professionals;


● participating in a online exhibition - an excellent opportunity for the PR-campaign;


● virtual exhibition stand favorably emphasizes corporate identity of the company;


● demonstration of goods and services in the most detailed manner;


● message and business cards exchange with potential clients;


● opportunities for promotion of goods and services (set of functions for search engine promotion, integration with social networks, the placement of press releases and articles with content that describes in detail the work of your company, its objectives and proposals for a potential client with the possibility of publishing in media and information portals);


● assessment of competitiveness in comparison with other Exhibitors;


● real Participant diploma of international online exhibitions;


● affordable participation cost.


Information to Partners

We invite to cooperation the specialized state and professional organizations, mass media and profile publications, commercial structures wishing to become sponsors of the agroindustrial online-exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE and to take advantage of additional opportunities for promotion.

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System of discounts for wholesale buyers fertilizer 'Prime-Eco'

12 December 2019  |  PRIME-ECO™

For wholesale buyers of mineral-organic fertilizers 'Prime-Eco' ™ there is a system of discounts. For more information, please call: +380 (4476) 6-56-25, + 380 (67) 353-63-02, +380 (67) 353-63-08


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The cost of coffee could drop below $2/lb by the end of this year

14 June 2022  |  AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — agroindustrial online exhibition

Harvest-friendly weather in South America and Russia's aggression against Ukraine may negatively affect the price of coffee by the end of this year.


Ukraine in the spring of 2022 sowed 87.8% of the planned land

13 June 2022  |  AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — agroindustrial online exhibition

The sowing company of Ukraine in 2022, for the main crops, was completed by 87.8%, which is 12.64 million hectares of land from the planned 14.4 million hectares. 


Online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE to promote agricultural business

09 November 2021  |  AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — agroindustrial online exhibition

Online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal are a trend and now, our offer is an excellent opportunity for representatives of agribusiness to join the mainstream and get new opportunities to promote goods and services.


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Organic fertilizer 'Prime-Eco' - the harvest is guaranteed!

12 December 2019  |  PRIME-ECO™
The use of complex organic fertilizer 'Prime-Eco' has a positive impact on both the plant and soil, as well as increases the yield of crops, increases the resistance of plants to drought and frost, increases resistance to plant diseases.

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