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The subsidiary company 'EXPO LINE' was registered in 1998. The company 'EXPO-LINE' provides professional services in the development of design, mounting and dismantling of exhibition stands, production of additional exhibition equipment. The company 'EXPO LINE' is distinguished by high-quality service focused on the maximum customer satisfaction from the work done on the development and building of the exhibition stand. The constantly growing number of grateful customers indicates the correct approach to the organization of the company's work, and also determines the direction of the company's development.
  • Address: 6, Vsevoloda Nestayko Str., office №1
  • Сity: Kyiv
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Website: https://expoline.ua/
  • Phone: +380445018450
  • Mobile: +380503566735
  • Statistical classification of economic activities (NACE): (43.99) Other specialised construction activities n.e.c., (46.90) Non-specialised wholesale trade, (73.20) Market research and public opinion polling, (82.30) Organisation of conventions and trade shows
  • Classification of goods and services: Exhibition stands
    Mobile stands
    Trade and exhibition equipment
    Exhibition services