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OMAG Maschinenbau GmbH




The representative of the Exhibitor:

Livanova  Violetta

Sales manager

Plants for the production of concrete blocks of the OMAG brand


Plants for the production of concrete blocks of the OMAG brand are proven, reliable and durable equipment that meets the highest technical level. By introducing advanced control technologies, OMAG Maschinenbau GmbH is the global technological leader in this market segment.


The interaction of production and designers ensures the introduction of new technologies and guaranteed quality of products. During the design and production of plants, special attention is paid to the needs of customers, namely: the complete set, special requirements, the dimensions of nodes and the level of automation of the plant, etc. 


In order to ensure a smooth production process for customers, OMAG Maschinenbau GmbH offers service with a short response time, availability of spare parts, remote system maintenance, as well as competent training and consultation during and after commissioning of the equipment.


OMAG is original quality that has been in line with tradition since 1948.

  • Address: Westfalenstrasse 2
  • Сity: Emden
  • Country: Germany
  • Website: https://www.omag.de/
  • Phone: +4949218050
  • Mobile: +494921805401
  • Statistical classification of economic activities (NACE): (25.11) Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures, (28.92) Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
  • Classification of goods and services: Machines and equipment for concrete work