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LED lights LED GAMMA - products of European quality

01 June 2016  | SVITLOTEK ®

LED trunk fixtures 'LED GAMMA' from Ukrainian manufacturer 'LUMENтм' (GC 'Svitlotek') won the certificate from the company Vossloh-Schwabe, a famous German manufacturer of components for lamps.


This certificate confirms the high quality LED lighting and the model entitles GC 'Svitlotek' VS INSIDE logo used for marking all main line of LED lights 'LED GAMMA'. LED trunk lighting 'LED GAMMA' - the only in Ukraine LED trunk fixtures of this type, which has the right to use the logo of the famous German manufacturer.


LED trunk fixtures 'LED GAMMA' were developed by experts group of companies 'Svitlotek' and are designed for lighting commercial premises hyper- and supermarkets. Quality LED fixtures provided quality materials and the use of high-quality original components - LED (led) modules, drivers and optics from the leading manufacturer - the company Vossloh-Schwabe. Lamps made of different lengths, different capacities, different types of optics.

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