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For Visitors

Online exhibitions are the implementation of an idea of global marketing, a solution to be applied primarily in the emerging markets. This is a relatively new format of cooperation between market participants in the form of a set of effective tools that allow saving money for both the Exhibitors (Sellers), and the Visitors (Buyers) of virtual exhibitions, subject to total result involves the transfer of information package to complete a purchase.


Right now we invite you, without leaving your computer and absolutely free, to become Visitors of international branch online exhibitions based on the Expo-Online.Center portal. The regular visiting of online exhibitions and using of the unique platform functionality will allow you to find reliable information about the Participants of branch online exhibitions – manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services from around the world. Here you can find, explore, compare and analyse information about goods and services offered by the exhibition Exhibitors that will help you to make better choice in ordering goods or services. In addition, you will be able to get a quick professional advice and all the necessary information from the Exhibitors. By using the Expo-Online.Center portal, you can directly find manufacturers or authorized regional distributors. By subscribing to our news, you will always be aware of the latest events on the Expo-Online.Center portal, online exhibitions and certain Exhibitors.


And all of this is absolutely free...

All the Visitors have access to online exhibitions and Participants’ information free of charge, but in order to fully benefit from all the features you need to pre-register. After that you will have your personal account where you will have access to the functions of business cards exchange and messaging, and can make tabs. After registration you can also subscribe and attend webinars, and will become a participant of the general discount programme that provides an opportunity to purchase goods at favourable terms.
In addition, if you wish, you can earn extra income from the participation in affiliate programmes.


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