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ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — electrical and lighting online exhibition

Information about Exhibition
ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE - the online exhibition of electrical engineering and lighting
The international professional online exhibition of electrical engineering and lighting ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE combines information and offers from leading representatives of the electrical engineering and lighting market from all over the world, namely equipment manufacturers and suppliers of products and solutions for power supply and lighting of industrial, public, commercial, office and residential buildings, sports facilities, entertainment and architectural sites, park areas and other urban functions.
ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE is a modern marketing tool that will be useful for market promotion of modern efficient technologies and systems of power supply and lighting.

Participation in the online exhibition ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE will allow the Exhibitors:

● to organize complex online promotion of products and related services;
● to reach more potential customers;
● to increase the frequency of on line references about your company, products and services;
● to demonstrate the presence in the market;
● to market the company in a favourable light on both local and global level;
● to improve customer loyalty to your company and products;
● to obtain information about customer preferences;
● to get feedback on products and quick response to your offers;
● to expand the customer base;
● to examine the competitive environment;
● to enter the foreign markets.
Information for Visitors

The benefits of visiting the online exhibition ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE:

● participation in the industrial international exhibition;

● all of the information is available 365/7/24, making it possible to visit the exhibition at a convenient time and regardless of your location;

● the possibility of direct communication and operational feedback from manufacturers and suppliers of technology, equipment, machinery, tools for agriculture;

● the opportunity to participate in thematic webinars with prior registration;

● Direct detailed access to information Members - manufacturers and suppliers, for goods and services, new technological developments, new products, thematic publications;

● the possibility ofexchange of messages and business cards with participants;

● the possibility of to discover, explore, compare and analyze information about products and services offered by Exhibitors that will help to make a better choice while ordering goods or services;

● the possibility of direct access directly to manufacturers or authorized regional distributors;

● the option to subscribe to the news will help to be updated on the latest news of portal Expo-Online.Center, online exhibitions and Members;

● free access to all functional possibilities after registration, including the discount program that gives the opportunity to buy goods on preferential terms.


Information for Exhibitors

Benefits from the participation in online exhibition ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE:

● participation in the industrial international exhibition;

● Information about the company with access mode 365/7/24;

● direct communication and operative feedback from potential customers;

● conducting webinars at your convenience mode for affordable prices;
● presentation of technological development for a wide range of professionals;

● participating in a virtual exhibition - an excellent opportunity for the PR-campaign;

● virtual exhibition stand favorably emphasizes corporate identity of the company;

● demonstration of goods and services in the most detailed manner;

● message and business cards exchange with potential clients;

● opportunities for promotion of goods and services (set of functions for search engine promotion, integration with social networks, the placement of press releases and articles with content that describes in detail the work of your company, its objectives and proposals for a potential client with the possibility of publishing in media and information portals);

● assessment of competitiveness in comparison with other exhibitors;

● real Participant diploma of international online exhibitions;

● affordable participation cost.


Information to Partners

We also welcome public and professional organizations, the media and specialized publications, business corporations who want to become partners of the exhibition ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE and take advantage of additional opportunities for advancement.

Exhibition and partners news

ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE: international online exhibition of electrical equipment and lighting on the Expo-Online.Center portal.

05 March 2023  |  ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — electrical and lighting online exhibition

We invite professionals in electrical equipment and lighting to visit the permanent international online exhibition ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE and learn about new trends and achievements in the field of electrical equipment and lighting!



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12 December 2019  |  SVITLOTEK ®

LED magistral fixtures 'LED GAMMA' from Ukrainian manufacturer 'LUMEN' (GC 'Svitlotek') won the certificate from the company Vossloh-Schwabe, a famous German manufacturer of components for lamps.


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Exhibition articles


29 April 2023  |  ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — electrical and lighting online exhibition


The development of "smart homes" and their energy management systems has been a rapidly growing trend. With the rise of technology and the need for more sustainable living, these homes offer a solution to both issues.



05 March 2023  |  ELIGHTB2B-EXPO.ONLINE — electrical and lighting online exhibition


LED technology has been around since the 1960s and today, it is used in a wide range of applications including industrial and residential lighting systems. 


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LED GAMMA - universal led magistral luminaire

12 December 2019  |  SVITLOTEK ®


Group of companies 'Svitlotek' - Ukrainian manufacturer LED luminaires and magistral lighting systems, expanding the lineup of LED luminaires 'LED GAMMA' (TM 'LUMEN') series with diffuser light flux.


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