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New! Musical modules for toys in a case 51x51x15 mm

30 September 2020

We present to our creative customers new musical modules for toys in a case of 51x51x15 mm. The body is plastic, white or black, consists of two parts, which are connected to each other with two screws. The collapsible design of the case makes it possible to independently replace the batteries that are located on the sound module board. The sound of the module is activated by a button, which can be located on the module case or on a wire. Button control modes can also be selected individually, based on the task at hand. The maximum recording time is 115 seconds. One melody or several separate melodies can be recorded on the module within the specified time. The basic set of batteries is enough for 50-100 complete replays of the recorded melody, which also depends on the duration of the recorded melody. If necessary, the module can be supplemented with a compartment for standard type batteries. The cost and availability need to be checked.

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