About Project

A bit of history...

The idea to create the Virtual Exhibition Centre appeared in 2009 after we had realised the problems of reduction of interest in the participation in traditional exhibitions and against the background of the rapid online marketing development. In 2010, the development was started, and in June 2011 the first prototype of the Expo-Online platform was uploaded to the server for testing and further development. In 2014, in open access, the beta testing of the portal was conducted. In 2016, a phased launch of international industry online exhibitions was launched.


The founders of the project are specialists from Ukraine, who actually work in the field of business consulting, marketing and advertising, have more than 15 year practical experience in the creation and promotion of brands; arrangement and carrying out of exhibitions and participation support; design and manufacture of exhibition stands; more than 10 year experience in various areas of online marketing.

Project Concept

International portal of online exhibitions Expo-Online.Center has been created for international branch online exhibitions, participation in which allows solving the tasks of promotion of goods and services to local and international markets in a complex way. Expo-Online.Center is not similar to or does not substitute traditional exhibitions and fairs. The Expo-OnlineTM.CenterTM platform is a set of effective marketing tools that allow users to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty, enhance the online promotion, etc.


The project operation is simple – our online exhibitions do not have time or territorial limits. When buying a tariff plan, your company becomes a Participant of the online exhibition, and you receive a set of tools and instructions to them. You can use them within the subscription period according to the tariff plan, by following our recommendations and observing the User Agreement. The benefits from using the Expo-Online.Center platform primarily depends on the work you have done.


The online exhibitions of Expo-Online.Center are:

  • standard exhibition technologies: branch online exhibitions have all the customary attributes; the Exhibitors have a virtual exhibition stand, the window-case with placed offers of goods and services in the most detail view, and extensive information about a company; the Exhibitors have the opportunity to record a log-book, exchange business cards and conduct webinars; each Exhibitor is granted a paper certificate, etc.;
  • a set of tools for online marketing, namely SEO optimization, search promotion, publishing and distribution of PR materials: news, press releases, social media posts, etc.;
  • offers from the Exhibitors – manufacturers and suppliers from around the world –in one place;
  • unlimited access to the information in the 365/7/24 mode;
  • uniform discount system for all the platform users;
  • affordable pricing policy;
  • ability to earn extra income if you participate in affiliate programmes.


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