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Dear users!
We have prepared for you the answers to the most popular and frequent questions:
  1. Who can attend online exhibitions and what conditions for visiting online exhibitions on the portal Expo-Online.Center? Online exhibitions can be visited by anyone, but information posted on the portal Expo-Online.Center, pages of online exhibitions and Exhibitor's expositions, is mainly focused on business representatives, so ordinary users are unlikely to be interested in it. Visit to online exhibitions is free, but to use all the functions you need to register as a Visitor. After registration, the Visitor receives access to the Exhibitor's office (account), as well as the opportunity to exchange business cards, messages, post information to Exhibitors, participate in webinars, etc. In addition, registered Visitors can send applications for goods or services that interest them and purchase them at a discount, participating in a general loyalty program.
  2. Who can be a participant in online exhibitions? Participants of online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal can only be officially registered enterprises - legal entities or individuals - entrepreneurs whose activities are related to the industry direction of the online exhibition.
  3. How to become an Exhibitor and what are the conditions for participation in online exhibitions? Participation in online exhibitions - paid, with payment for a year or two years at a discount. Each online show has its own cost of the tariff plans for the Participants. To take part in an online exhibition you need to register as Exhibitor (information is added in Ukrainian, Russian and English), then you need to choose an online exhibition and a tariff plan. After that it will be necessary to fill in the Exhibitor's application for the selected online exhibition (information is added in Ukrainian, Russian and English) and pay the cost of the chosen tariff plan. After that it is necessary to add information materials that need to be prepared in advance (for more information on preparing information for placement, see the participant's office, in the section "Information for the Exhibitor of the online exhibition").

    If you have a desire to participate in the online exhibition Expo-Online.center, but do not have the skills, experience or time, in this case, our specialists will help with the preparation and placement of information, for this contact the support team using the special form in the "Contact Us" section.
  4. How do I pay for participation in an online exhibition? Payment is made only by bank transfer based on the received invoice or invoice. In order to receive an invoice, in the cabinet of the Exhibitor (the Application Control Panel), it is necessary to add the details of the payer and indicate the amount of the replenishment and send the application. As a result, you will be sent an invoice to the email specified at the time of registration. In addition to paid tariff plans, there is also a free format for information participation, with limited functionality.
  5. How many visitors do online exhibitions have? We do not promote exhibitions, we promote the goods and services of our customers (Exhibitors). This is the main feature of our project - we strive to ensure that potential customers find your product as a result of the search. Thus, we provide a visit to pages with information about your product or service only to potential buyers or customers. Also, over time, online exhibitions will gain popularity and this will give an additional influx of visitors. But one way or another, the priority will be the promotion of goods and services of Exhibitors.
  6. Where are the online exhibitions held and why the online exhibitions of the portal Expo-Online.Center are constantly operating, what is the interest for the buyer? Online exhibitions are not an analogue or a substitute for traditional exhibitions, it is a separate marketing tool that has its own key features. The information environment for conducting online exhibitions is the Internet network, so the basis of online exhibitions is the rapid exchange of information between stakeholders, training, the ability to obtain the necessary and complete information; buy / sell goods or services on the Web. Demand and accordingly traffic have their seasonality, there is a specificity of local and international markets, taking into account this it is very difficult to fit into several days of the online exhibition. Also, the information of Exhibitors, which is placed on the pages of online exhibitions, is indexed and ranked by search engines, which takes time and requires the attention of our experts.
  7. Why should I participate in the online exhibitions of Expo-Online.Center? Online exhibitions are a trend, a hybrid promotion tool that has ample opportunities. First, participation in an online exhibition will allow you to rebuild from your competitors and complement a set of activities to promote your product or services on the Internet. Secondly, participation in an online exhibition is a good information opportunity to remind customers about themselves. Thirdly, this is a whole set of functionality that will increase the density of mentioning your company, products and services in search results, get permanent links to the main website from a popular resource containing relevant content that will raise your site in top positions for a number of queries in the search results of popular search engines. Fourthly, the online exhibition allows us to present the company, goods and services in international markets, this may be the impetus for the company's development towards international trade. Fifth, the Exhibitors have the opportunity to conduct online webinars, with both small and large number of participants, which allows for remote training of personnel or presentations of goods or services for potential buyers from different regions or countries.
  8. What is the result expected from participation in the online exhibition? As a result, you get an additional effective tool for promoting your company's products and services; Visiting the Exposition with a virtual stand of your company by potential buyers or customers; inquiries regarding the offered goods or services; indexing by search engines and top-ranking of pages with information materials of the company, as well as pages with information about goods and services. In addition, you will receive an excellent information PR-motive and a platform for placing thematic press releases. The online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal are an integrated promotion tool and using all the functionality, you will be able to solve problems: branding, advertising, PR, development and promotion of sales, training, business development, etc. Participation in the online exhibition of the portal Expo-Online.Center is a clear plus in the "karma" of your business.
  9. How much does it cost to participate in an online exhibition? The price of participation depends on the exhibition, on the chosen tariff plan and the payment period. We also offer a free participation format, where it is possible to post information about the company, without the possibility of using other functions. The cost of the minimum tariff plan, depending on the exhibition and in essence is equal to the cost of renting for 3-4 days 1 sq.m. exhibition space at a traditional exhibition
  10. What is the difference between the portal Expo-Online.Center and other information portals, among which there are even free ones? The difference is that the portal Expo-Online.Center contains a large amount of commercial information that is distributed on the topics in the form of separate online exhibitions that have a sectoral focus, have their own name, original design, a catalog of participants, a catalog of goods and services, their conference room etc. Thus, online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal are events in an online format that are held on the Internet. Participation in a thematic online exhibition, similar to a traditional exhibition, begins with the registration of the Exhibitor and the application for participation. After that, information should be posted, the development of an individual virtual exhibition stand, etc. Thus, the preparatory process itself, as well as the submission of information, is almost identical to the preparation for a traditional exhibition, with the exception of the physical construction of the exhibition stand, the presence in the exhibition center, printing of advertising materials and logistics . Also, the difference in the Visitors of the exhibition, online exhibitions are targeted at a professional Internet audience, which seeks goods and services through the Internet network. Paid tariff plans include services for the development of an individual exhibition stand, placement and optimization of information materials, placement and optimization of information about goods and services, the possibility of conducting webinars (if you do not spend the amount that is allocated for the webinar remains on the balance of your office, and if necessary, this amount you can spend on the extension of your tariff plan or for the purchase of additional services). In addition to paid, there is a free tariff plan for participation in online exhibitions, with limited functions.