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To get TOP using online exhibitions of the portal Expo-Online.Center

25 August 2018  |  Online exhibitions on Expo-Online.Center

An article about how useful online exhibitions can be in promoting business, goods and services.


Why should you participate in the online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center?

31 July 2018  |  Online exhibitions on Expo-Online.Center

Online exhibitions are a trend in the field of marketing communications, a new tool in the arsenal of a modern enterprise. Online exhibitions Expo-Online.Center — a meeting point for manufacturers and buyers — representatives from various business areas. According to representatives of the B2B sphere, participation in online exhibitions opens up wide opportunities for business promotion, both to local and international industry markets.


Online exhibitions as a tool for modern marketing

01 March 2018  |  Online exhibitions on Expo-Online.Center

Participation in the exhibition is considered a sign of stability of the company. Participation in the international online exhibition demonstrates the high status of the company, which has the ability to produce and supply goods and services for the international market. However, participation in a foreign exhibition requires the involvement of significant resources. Online exhibitions in this case have an unconditional advantage, as online exhibitions give the opportunity to introduce enterprises and the products and services they offer, both on the local market and in the international market at a relatively low cost.


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Sound autoinformers to increase sales in supermarkets

26 February 2018  |  Promochip™

Electronic sound and video autoinformers allow to attract more attention of potential buyers to goods and services in sales outlets of supermarket shopping centers, salons, shops.


Organic fertilizer «Prime-Eco» - the harvest is guaranteed!

08 February 2018  |  PRIME-ECO™

The use of complex organic fertilizer «Prime-Eco» has a positive impact on both the plant and soil, as well as increases the yield of crops, increases the resistance of plants to drought and frost, increases resistance to plant diseases.


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