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Today online-exhibitions are important more than ever. In the current economic conditions many companies have to significantly reduce marketing budgets and are willing to pay only for effective tools that really bring customers, assist in making and increasing sales, and have an influence on the reputation and customer loyalty. Our project is exactly designed to solve these problems, and we offer your company to become a Exhibitor of international branch online exhibitions based on the Expo-Online.Center portal and use the most advanced and efficient technologies of promoting goods and services, which options we are constantly expanding.


Information about the Exhibitors is published in the form of Exposition with a online-exhibition stand and Exhibitor’s information pages. Information published includes graphic, text and video materials. The effectiveness of Exhibitor’s Exposition depends on the amount of information posted – the more it places, the higher the efficiency is – pages are better indexed by search engines, as a result of which more potential customers will visit your Exposition. The Exhibitors may publish their news, press releases or announcements of webinars and place them on the news pages of the online-exhibition and Expo-Online.Center platform pages. On Exhibitor’s request the news may also be placed on specialized news portals of our partners. Additional services within the Expo-Online.Center portal functionality and services from our partners are available in the Service Shop of the Exhibitor’s account.


Besides functionality, the Expo-Online.Center portal has a great potential for search promotion. Our SEO experts are trying to make all the Expo-Online.Center portal resources be in the top ten of search results in the major search engines such as Google, Yandex, Ask, Yahoo.
Note should be made of webinars – on the Expo-Online.Center portal the Exhibitors can conduct live webinars with potential clients.

Participation in Expo-Online.Center portal - based branch online-exhibitions will allow lowering cost of time and money, and at the same time:

  • gaining a competitive advantage through the use of innovation and effective marketing tool for promoting your business;
  • organizing comprehensive online promotion;
  • increasing brand loyalty;
  • representing the full range of products and services, and your achievements – patents, awards, merits, clients’ recommendations in a favourable light;
  • conducting web conferences, webinars, online workshops, online presentations, which will enable live communications with potential clients;
  • selling your goods and services without time and territorial limits;
  • finding new customers and organizing systematic interaction with them;
  • finding new suppliers, manufacturers and business partners;
  • improving quality of sale presentations due to the possibility to quickly receive and submit all the necessary information about goods and services in any place, no matter where you are;
  • more effectively representing your brand, company, goods and services by placing video presentations and using systems of direct audio and video communications;
  • carrying out various marketing research, including evaluating competitors and determining the ways of further business development.


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