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Technological solutions for sorting nuts from the company "Orient Way"

06 January 2023  |  ORIENT WAY, LLC

The company "Orient Way" (Ukraine) has many years of experience in the implementation of technological solutions for the industrial processing of nuts. We offer solutions for individual stages of the processing process, as well as complex projects for primary and final sorting of nuts, such as walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.

One of the important stages of nut processing is the primary cleaning of large, small and light impurities. The air sieve separator Julite 5XFS removes light impurities, dust, spoiled nut, partitions, small shell from nuts after splitting. The vibrating screen can classify raw materials into large, medium and small particles using different layers of sieves.


Optical separators from the Meyer™ company are ideal for the final sorting of nuts at all stages of the technological line. Meyer™ Optical Sorters are the best choice for nut processors who require high standards of food quality. They are widely used to improve food safety, remove shells from nuts and foreign impurities.




1. The patented technology of prism spectroscopy makes it easy to separate the shells from nuts, core and other foreign impurities.


2. Photoseparators are suitable for both small and large dry food production lines.


3. Careful sorting of walnut kernels by color with the possibility of sorting kernels of different fractions: halves (butterfly), quarter, eighths, crumb.


4. The exclusive 3rd generation InGaAs technology allows you to easily remove unwanted impurities such as glass, stones, plastic, etc.


5. Photoseparators, with the help of the secondary sorting function, are able to separate unwanted impurities from the incoming nut mass, with a minimum content of a worthy product in the waste.


6. Individual setting of the trays allows you to use different sorting schemes, depending on the clogging of the incoming raw materials.


7. The newest aspiration system in the material feeding area ensures the removal of dust from the incoming raw materials.





Separation of nut kernels and shell from nuts

The exclusive 3rd generation InGaAs technology, in addition to stones, glass and plastic, easily distinguishes the shell of nuts from 1.5 mm in size.


Removal of impurities

The Meyer™ Optical Sorter removes impurities by combining differences in shape, size, color, shell and other foreign impurities and achieves a result of 99.9% pure product


Checking the presence of a spoiled kernel in the whole nut

X-ray detectors can scan the inside of the nuts and effectively remove the spoiled nut from the bulk of the raw material using compressed air


Separation of the core by color

Removal of spoiled nuts and foreign impurities from suitable raw materials
Sorting blanched nuts or nuts with skin
Sorting the core by shades


"Orient Way" company designs, installs and automates lines for optical sorting of nuts in accordance with the individual requirements of customers - from the design development of the project to the launch of successful production.


Orient Way's service department provides warranty and post-warranty service for Meyer™ optical sorting equipment.

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