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Online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE to promote agricultural business

09 November 2021

Online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal are a trend and now, our offer is an excellent opportunity for representatives of agribusiness to join the mainstream and get new opportunities to promote goods and services.

AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE is an international online exhibition of agricultural technologies, agricultural machinery, equipment, fertilizers and plant care products. Agricultural online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE is held on the international exhibition portal Expo-Online.Center, the agricultural exhibition is permanent and has no borders. Depending on the chosen tariff plan, each participant of the online exhibition receives a set of tools for presenting their organization and promoting goods and services. Participation in an online exhibition is several times cheaper than participation in any other traditional agricultural exhibition and therefore pays off almost from the first transaction, which makes participation in the AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE online exhibition even more attractive from an economic point of view.


How to take part in the agro-industrial online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE, what are the benefits and risks? How to get the most out of your participation?

The online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE can be a useful tool in the marketing complex of any enterprise in the field of agribusiness, but not all enterprises will be equally profitable from participating in an online exhibition. Before deciding to promote your product or services using an online exhibition, you first need to assess the business situation around your business, take into account all the advantages and risks, features of goods and services, sales systems, logistics, pricing, etc. You also need to make sure that your potential customers are looking for products or services similar to yours on the Internet. And most importantly, you must be sure that your company is ready to sell goods and services via the Internet, including to the whole world.


Participation in the online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE can contribute to:

  • increasing the volume of sales;
  • expansion of the sales market;
  • entering foreign markets;
  • development of sales on the Internet;
  • improving the position of the website in the ranking of search engines;
  • increasing traffic to the online store;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • introducing a new product or service to the market.

Advantages of the online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE

The online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE is focused on the agriculture industry and people involved or interested in purchasing goods and services specific to this industry. Taking into account foreign markets, this is a fairly wide target audience, and in this regard, the online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE has great potential to promote your product or service and attract more potential buyers. In addition, participation of your organization in the agro-industrial online exhibition AGROB2B-EXPO.ONLINE can help increase brand awareness and loyalty, which in turn will lead to increased sales of goods or services.

In addition, by participating in the online exhibition:

  • product testing or market research can be conducted to get industry feedback on your proposal;
  • you can receive regular online inquiries from potential buyers.;
  • live broadcasts and educational events can be carried out;
  • you can participate in the business program of the online exhibition, attend events with special invitations.