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Glowing Stands™

Exhibition stands Glowing Stands ™ - attract more attention, are easy to assemble, affordable!

Glowing Stands™ is an innovative solution in arranging exhibition exposures, taking into account modern requirements for mobility, functionality and efficiency. Glowing Stands are highly mobile, easily transformed to new form. Essentially, the Glowing Stands are a constructor, with which you can build a lightweight aluminum frame, which is made up of flexible translucent panels and LED backlighting. Stands Glowing Stands ™ are intended for independent assembly, while they have all characteristics of professional equipment.


The light of our exhibition stands attracts buyers


The Glowing Stands ™ glow attracts customers' attention and this is understandable, as the light and color in advertising are important, however, as in our lives. Regulatory role in the vital functions of the organism belongs to the visible light. When low lighting we are less active, when a lot of lighting - biological activity is higher. Therefore, well-lit advertising encourages the buyer to better perceive information and active action. In this regard, we can conclude that well-lit advertising objects attract more attention of potential customers. In our case, combining soft light with a bright and colorful design will allow your company to stand out against the background of its competitors.


The glowing stands have the following key features:

1) attract attention due to glow and bright design;
2) Simple in assembly, thanks to the modularity of the design;
3) available at a price.


Typically, the Glowing Stands ™ stands are manufactured and customized for individual customer tasks, in this regard, the cost of a set of exhibition equipment is determined individually. All elements of the Glowing Stands ™ booth design have a warranty of 5 years. During the entire lifetime, you can purchase separate elements of the design, for example, if you for example lost any detail or decided to upgrade the stand. If necessary, you will be able to order from us a service for assembling your stand both in Ukraine and abroad.


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07 May 2016  |  Glowing Stands™


Luminous mobile stand from 'Glowing Stands' in an individual configuration, commissioned by ITV, for participation in the 'Securex 2016' exhibition in Poland.

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Glowing stand GS-Nano (corner stand, 16 modules)

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Glowing stand GS Nano 4x4 (16 modules)

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Glowing stand with GS-Nano 4x4 (16 modules, 8 shelves)

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