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Online exhibition as a tool for modern marketing

12 December 2019   |   Expo-Online.Center — online exhibitions for business
Participation in the exhibition is considered a sign of stability of the company. Participation in the international exhibition demonstrates the high status of the company, which has the ability to produce and supply goods and services for the international market. However, participation in a foreign exhibition requires the involvement of significant resources. Online exhibitions in this case have an unconditional advantage, as give the opportunity to introduce enterprises and the products and services they offer, both on the local market and in the international market at a relatively low cost.

Online exhibition as a tool for promoting a new

The exhibition is an indicator of the level of the development of the industry and, as a rule, industry exhibitions show advanced technologies, new equipment, services that are in high demand or will be relevant in the near future. The format of industry-wide online exhibitions has great potential for promoting innovative solutions, in particular:
  1. If the task is to bring new products to the market, the online exhibition will help to profitably present and inform potential buyers, partners or investors about the unique properties of the new product or services. In this case, there is the possibility of direct contact with the manufacturer, without intermediaries.
  2. Also, the online exhibition gives an opportunity to come out with new products on the international market and expand the boundaries of business. Even if you cannot will be able find the demand, the online exhibition give a good impetus for development.
  3. Participation in the online exhibition involves the exchange of contacts between all interested terms. Here you can find buyers, as well as partners and investors, which will help to reach a completely different level of business.
  4. The online exhibition also provides an opportunity to assess the commercial potential of your new product or service.

How do online exhibitions work in the Expo-Online.center format?

The difference between an online exhibition and an exhibition of traditional (offline) is not great. Participants of online exhibitions, which are held on the Expo-Online.Center portal, have an exhibition stand, which is individually developed, but only virtual. There is a showcase where you can demonstrate the product or service in the most detailed form. Participants and visitors to online exhibitions have the opportunity to exchange business cards, messages and other information. In addition, Participants of online exhibitions have the opportunity to conduct thematic webinars for their potential customers. But the main differences can be attributed to the fact that online exhibitions that are held within the exhibition portal Expo-Online.center have no restrictions either on the place or on time and are permanent and accessible from anywhere in the world, where there is access to Internet networks. Also, information materials posted on the pages of the Exhibitors may contain back links to the company's main website, which will help in the search promotion in the Internet.
However, representatives of the older generation still have distrust in the use of new, yet unusual technologies for them. But not long ago of creating your own web site for the enterprise was in doubt, but over time a web site has become commonplace, and its absence is now a distrust of the enterprise.
Most managers of companies have a common understanding of how to participate in a traditional exhibition, namely how to choose a place, how to order a stand and how to organize the delivery of products to the exhibition. But for participation in the online exhibition to bring results, the process is somewhat different and in the case of the online exhibition special attention should be paid to information materials (texts, photos, illustrations) and so you need to prepare well in advance. It is necessary to prepare a detailed description of the company and its activities, the benefits of the company and its products. It is necessary to carefully prepare product offerings for placing them in the Showcase, which should contain illustrations and descriptions, price offers. Be sure to prepare a videos that will show potential customers, intermediaries and investors all the benefits of your products and will deal with the peculiarities of their use, as well as allow you to favorably presents the services of your company. Videos is particularly effective, as now the priority of the visual information that is easier perceived, whereas text information necessary to a greater extent for the search engines that allow you to quickly find the necessary information to potential customers. That is why we pay special attention to the virtual stand, which is developed individually for each Participant and is a visual representation of its corporate identity and status. Stand development is carried out by professional designers who create stands for traditional offline exhibitions. The advantage of online exhibitions can also be attributed to the fact that the participant can afford an exhibition stand of any complexity, despite the budget.
If you want to participate in an online exhibition, but do not have the necessary skills and experience, Expo-Online.center specialists will help with the preparation and placement of information. All you need is your desire, choice of exhibition and tariff plan, the rest will be done by our specialists.

Online exhibitions: advantages and new opportunities

There are online exhibitions and their distinctive advantages, which traditional exhibitions are deprived of. This is primarily:
  1. Simplicity of participation. To come, for example, from China, to an exhibition in Ukraine or Germany, and even with products, is not an easy task. To take part in an online exhibition is relatively simple, you just need to prepare and post information materials about the company.
  2. Saving. Participation in an online exhibition can afford companies of any level.
  3. Availability in the 365/7/24 mode. Online exhibitions held within the exhibition portal Expo-Online.center are accessible for visits at any time convenient for the potential buyer.
  4. Wide coverage. Participant's information is available from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet.
  5. Broad opportunities, including search engine promotion, webinars, affiliate programs, etc.
Take part in the industry online exhibition, emphasize your uniqueness and get an additional competitive advantage now!

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