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Organic fertilizer 'Prime-Eco' - the harvest is guaranteed!

12 December 2019   |  PRIME-ECO™
'Prime Eco' is an environmentally friendly, efficient, organic fertilizer containing 15-35% potassium, 3-5% phosphorus, as well as other chemical elements necessary for fertilization of agricultural plants.
The use of 'Prime-Eco' complex fertilizer has a positive effect on both plants and soil, as well as:
- increases the yield of crops, due to the content of fertilizer in the complex of trace elements necessary for plant growth and nutrition;
- increases the resistance of plants to drought and frosts;
- increases resistance to plant diseases, for example, such as root rot, powdery mildew, rust and others.
Organic fertilizer “Prime-Eco”  is environmentally friendly and can be used in all climatic conditions, applied on any soil, for any crops, and also in horticulture.


Method of application of organic fertilizer 'Prime-Eco'

Focusing on the practice of application, it is recommended to apply fertilizer:
- in February-March for planting and growing seedlings, in preparation and enrichment of the soil.
- in April-May when sowing seeds, bulbs, planting and growing seedlings.
- in June-October, fertilizer can be used to care for plants during the growing season.
- in October-November, fertilizers are used for the preparation and enrichment of the soil, as well as for the planting of trees and shrubs.
The organic fertilizer “Prime-Eco” has a high efficiency in the cultivation of vegetable crops, sunflower, corn, spring and winter rape, especially in the early stages of plant development.
When applying “Prime-Eco” fertilizer grows not only yield, but increases the content of dry matter - proteins in cereals, fats in oilseeds and carbohydrates in vegetables, and fruits, thereby improving their quality.
Due to the fact that the“Prime-Eco” fertilizer is produced in granules, fertilizer dissolves in soil gradually and has a prolonged validity period. Fertilizer has an unlimited shelf life.
Organic fertilizer “Prime-Eco” includes the following macro and microelements: Copper (Cu ± 0,25%), Iron (Fe 0,017 mg/kg), Zinc (Zn ± 1,42 mg/kg), Cobalt (Co 0,01 mg / kg), Cadmium (Cd -0,052 mg/kg), Nickel (Ni-0,01 mg/kg), Manganese (Mn-0,0116 mg/kg), Chromium (Cr -0,54 mg/kg), Lead (0.0011 mg/kg), Calcium (Ca -2%), Magnesium (Mg -8%).

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