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To get TOP using online exhibitions of the portal Expo-Online.Center

12 December 2019   |   Expo-Online.Center — online exhibitions for business

This article is for those who are engaged in business and seeks to develop it. For those who already have a website and have experience in promoting it. We proceed from the fact that you already know what SEO is, search engine promotion and TOP-ranking search engines.

So, in this article, we'll look at how useful online exhibitions can be in promoting your business, products and services.

What is an online exhibition

Online exhibitions are exhibition events that take place online and the platform is a website or a web portal where one or more online exhibitions can be held. Online exhibitions can be short-term or permanent, it all depends on the organizers and terms of participation.
If online exhibitions have a limited period of action, then often the emphasis is on attracting traffic to visitors only through short-term advertising. This principle of holding is close to the format to traditional exhibitions and has a long-term effect, since contact with potential customers is possible only during the period of holding it. After the event, the online exhibition the closed.

Online exhibitions - effective formula from Expo-Online.Center

Permanent online exhibitions, for example, held by the portal Expo-Online.Center, successfully combine traditional exhibition marketing and modern Internet marketing. AAnd unlike the short-term others organizers, online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal are focused on the constant attraction of potential customers mainly through constant access and active search promotion - careful work on SEO-optimization of information materials (hereinafter - content) of both the exhibitions themselves and materials of the Participants. In addition, Participants are able to post permanent back links to the main website in text materials. As a result, most of the pages and websites of the Participants are top-ranked in the rankings of popular search engines, which ensures a constant inflow of visitors - potential customers. The cost of participation in the online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center begins at $300/year for one Participant's application, which is approximately equal to the cost of renting 1-2 sq.m. at a traditional exhibition for 3-4 days or an average check of 1 month SEO search engine promotion.

SEO - profitable investment

As for SEO and promotion in search engine system, experts note a steady increase in overall SEO-traffic, compared to other promotion methods. Of course, search engines do not are not happy with this, as they to impose to use more expensive contextual text and media advertising, and therefore each time they launch more and more complex search algorithms, which makes it difficult for SEOs to work. But along with new search algorithms, new algorithms of promotion also appear. In this regard, SEO-promotion remains and will remain for a long time the flagship of search engine promotion. But as before, high-quality content remains the key to successful search engine promotion, which is why online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal are a favorable information environment for effective SEO and promotion in search engine systems.


Thus, participation in the online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal is an effective promotion tool, in terms of possible costs and results.

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