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I did not expect such an effect...

At first the offer to participate in the online exhibition MARKETINGB2B-EXPO.ONLINE was called into question. But after the presentation, which the sales manager held, my colleagues and I decided to take part in the project - the cost is not great, even if there is no effect, the loss is not great. We filled out our member page with information and filled the pages with our goods, taking into account the recommendations given to us by the project manager. And for us it was a pleasant surprise that in just a couple of weeks and we began to receive requests for our goods, and as a result, in a couple of months we experienced a significant increase in sales.After analyzing sales, it turned out that many new customers applied from the Expo.Online.Center online exhibition portal.


We are happy and we recommend everyone to become a participant in the online-exhibition of the portal Expo.Online.Center!


Recorded from words Lyudmila Ladyk, 'Promochip' project



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