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More → 29 April 2014

We welcome you on the portal of online exhibitions Expo-Online.Center

Online exhibitions for business are as relevant today as for Visitors - after all, visiting a foreign exhibition а pleasureis is not cheap, but for the Exhibitors who in the current economic conditions are forced to significantly reduce marketing budgets and are willing to pay only for effective tools thats really attract customers, help to implement and increase sales, good affect the reputation and loyalty of customers.
International portal of online exhibitions Expo-OnlineTM.CenterTM offers to participate in international industry virtual online exhibitions, participation in which will expand the opportunities for promoting goods and services to local and international markets. Industry online exhibitions, which are held on the basis of the exhibition portal Expo-Online.Center is a symbiosis of traditional exhibition technologies and effective Internet marketing technologies, an innovative and effective tools for expanding sales markets and increasing sales in various fields of activity.
We invite you to register and take part in the online exhibitions of the Expo-Online.Center portal, thats will allow you to use a wide range of functionality to solve current marketing tasks.

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