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More → 29 April 2014

Welcome to Expo-Online.Сenter

International Virtual Exhibition Centеr “Expo-OnlineTM.CenterTM has been created for international branch virtual exhibitions, participation in which may be useful for promoting goods and services to local and international markets.  “Expo-Online.Center” platform-based virtual exhibitions include standard exhibition technologies combined with effective online marketing technologies, access to information in the 365/7/24 mode, a unique set of promoting tools and affordable pricing policy.


Today virtual exhibitions are important more than ever both for the Visitors, seeing that visiting foreign exhibitions is not cheap, and for the Exhibitors, who in the current economic conditions have to significantly reduce marketing budgets and are willing to pay only for effective tools that really bring customers, assist in making and increasing sales, and have an influence on the reputation and Customer loyalty. Expo-Online.Center has been created as an auxiliary tool and will be useful for both the Visitors and the Exhibitors. We invite you to register and participate in virtual trade shows based on the Expo-Online.Center platform and use a wide range of functions for addressing your business tasks.

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